Barn Rehab:Day 1

Yesterday we started phase one of project  “Get Our Goats.”  Although we like the rusticity of the barn we currently have, it is a little too rustic for actual use.  Plus it is currently functioning as the town’s finest rat hotel.

After day one, the barn looks pretty much the same, but the roof was a bear to take off.  I am willing to speculate that the person who installed the plywood subfloor under the carpet is the same person who built the barn.

Recall with me how we had planned to refinish the house’s original wood floors, but were unable to because the plywood installed under the carpet and over the oak was screwed down with a grotesque amount of screws.  Our beautiful wood floors would look polka dotted, so we opted for travertine tiles instead.  In similar fashion, the corrugated metal barn roof was full of nails.  In some places there were as many as a dozen nails in about one square inch!  This roof didn’t want to go anywhere.

Jeff got the better of it as he peels back a sheet of metal.

This was another Fat Max project, and I love using the big crowbar.

Fat Max Strikes Again

I don’t know if I love this tool because it is oversized or because it has a name.  I might try naming some other tools to see if I am more motivated to find an excuse to use them.

So off with the roof and the chicken shack, and on to disinfecting the barn so that nobody gets Hanta!  Today we plan to mix up a major batch of bleach solution, strap on our surgical gloves and masks, and remove rat residue.  Sound fun? Feel free to volunteer!


4 thoughts on “Barn Rehab:Day 1

  1. I know I should say something about the barn, so good job on the take down – but what I really want to say is how amazing the sky looks in your pictures! You two look pretty good too, a very stylish barn demo.

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