Putting Down the Plastic

Reusables in the KitchenI just started reading the Zero Waste Home book this month and realized I have a big problem: plastic dependency.  My head started swimming when I realized how much plastic I use and that when recycled, many plastics can only be reformed one time! Not only that but I read about the estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic that occupy each square mile of ocean. I love the ocean and I’ve been filling it with plastic.  Where have I been?  This is huge!IMG_4546In order to learn to cut out my plastic addiction, I’m reading Zero Waste Home one section at a time and using the friendly shopping guide and tips to help me along the way.  This month I’m focused on the kitchen, which includes grocery shopping and food storage.  Already I have a few good habits: I don’t buy plastic water bottles or use disposable plates and cups for parties, and I use reusable shopping bags.  Also, we have a composter and a recycling system that we could be better about actually using.  And of course there is the wonderful garden that gives us lots of waste-free organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs.IMG_3008_2However, here is a condensed list of things I am changing this month:

  • Kicking my K-Cup Habit and replacing the disposables with a stainless reusable K-Cup insert.
  • Saying goodbye to sandwich and freezer bags and replacing them with airtight glass containers for the pantry, freezer, fridge, and on the go.
  • Bulk buying from health food stores with reusable canvas bags. Everything from coffee to rice to flour goes in these nifty bags.
  • Taking mesh produce bags to the store instead of putting my produce in the plastic sacks provided.
  • Ramping up our composting and recycling action (although recycling more is not the goal of the Zero Waste Home, it is definitely a start).

There is so much more in the book to wrap my mind around and plastics are not the only culprit.  Already my trash can fills up more slowly, and maybe I can work towards not needing one at all.  image-19After all, taking responsibility for the products I use and their impact on the environment hopefully contributes to a better and cleaner ocean (and world) for this little guy.


One thought on “Putting Down the Plastic

  1. I am going to make a better effort thanks to your encouragement. I ordered my canvas bags and mesh produce bags today. I am still attached to my ziploc freezer bags, so maybe that can be step 2. I want to do my part for both of my cuties!

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