Bringing the Barn Inside

Stephanie's Kitchen-0001

When we took down our barn things didn’t go as planned. The plans were to carefully salvage each weathered barn board for future projects (reclaimed lumber is so hot right now, am I right?) and use the original frame and roof and to rebuild with new siding.

Peeling the Roof Back

Between the roof, the siding, and the frame the only boards that didn’t crumble in our hands were four 3 foot long pieces from the interior stall door. Long story short: no new barn because of building expense.

No More Barn
I kept those boards for several years against my purging nature just in case the right project came along.  Now I’m so glad I did.

Stephanie's Kitchen-0007

After the rest of the kitchen was finished, the space next to the fridge looked empty. We added brass brackets and topped them off with three of the surviving boards (sanitized, of course).

The space has been great for housing our mugs and a bonus for cookbooks too (anyone else still obsessed with this book?).  It’s  amazing how three little boards can add so much history, character, and storage to our new kitchen.

Sources: White Mugs-West Elm, Floral Mugs-Anthropologie, Brass Hardware-Schoolhouse Electric, Brackets-West Elm

Kitchen Photo Credit: Kim Hawkins


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