About Us

First Zucchini In a Nutshell

One hundred pound dog in one thousand square feet on our one acre farm.

Rufus Makes the “Move”

Jeff and I should have known our little 40’s ranch house and farm were doomed when the minute we introduced Rufus to the house, he had a bowel movement in the middle of the living room.  Lucky for him, we had already decided to replace the old carpet.


Rufus is our nine-month-old, eighty pound (update) 5 year old, 100 pound Labradoodle who has his own ideas about renovation.  Join Rufus, Jeff, and me as we settle into our first home.

IMG_4118A Little Bit More

I was born in West Texas, but I grew up in Ohio, New York, and the suburbs of Fort Worth, only to head west again to attend Abilene Christian University for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Here I am over a decade later, still in Abilene, now with my husband, baby, and our fur-baby Rufus. During the days I work as a therapist overseeing a foster care and adoption program, but all of my spare time goes into renovating and cultivating our little farm.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Aw, you gotta love that Rufus. Jordan did the same thing on our apartment floor when we showed it to him the first time. The landlord wouldn’t change out the carpet though.

  2. Technically speaking, I believe a labra-doodle makes a doodle — not a bowel movement … course I could be wrong.

  3. Can’t wait to see this next renovation project.

    Your baby shower looks grand. You can “hostess” like your mother and grandmother Dixie!

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